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daxiangTW DS-006. Rylan blinked back the prickling heat as tears threatened to fall. Their earlier worries melted like the last vestiges of snow in the spring. Maddie set the timer on her phone and conjured her favorite fantasy. A lover watching her, directing her hands as they plucked at her nipples and circled her clit.  They watched, demanding she spread herself open and display her pussy while they praised her submission. I scooched back on the hard, flat surface and spread my knees a little wider. With my eyes trained on him, I coated my fingers in thick saliva and rubbed my clit in earnest. He was gloriously disheveled then—chest heaving, hair mussed, shirt and vest both unbuttoned dangling like curtains around his ever-hard cock, which he held in one hand as his eyes moved from my face down to my working hand and back up again. As he crossed the threshold, I closed the door behind him, and swept my arm out ahead of us at the words “living room” as though I was introducing him to the grandeur of my sprawling estate, and there would soon be a tour of the library, the conservatory and the gardens.

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