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Flustered and lost for words it was her turn to flush crimson, unable to keep her mind out of the gutter. His eyes glinted mischievously, as though she had passed some test which up until now, she didn’t even know she was being assessed for. Eleanor obliged, making a point to do so with all the grace she possessed, even though her pulse had doubled within the last few moments. She watched as the monarch took a seat across from her. The Queen didn’t speak again until the servants following her finished presenting tea on the short table between them. But her eyes were fixed on Eleanor, running the length of her body and back up. The Queen dismissed the help with a flick of her hand, leaving the two in perfect silence. They drew their hands up Maddie’s inner thighs. She shivered, their calloused fingers stopped centimeters from her pussy, they pressed her legs open a fraction more. Rylan’s bedroom was simple and uncluttered. A large bed piled high with soft sheets and pillows took up most of the floor space. The tonal greys and pops of lime green brightened the room, transforming the bed from a hulking piece of furniture to an airy oasis.

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