Love6, Royal Asian Studio RAS-241

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Love6, Royal Asian Studio RAS-241. The restaurant had an air of simple elegance. The polished wood of the tables and chairs gleamed, the chandeliers glowed from above, and the soft chimes of forks and knives on china complemented the tinkle of live piano music in the background. As the maître d’ directed them to a table, Hal offered Lily his arm and she took it, feeling the crispness of his dinner jacket under her glove. Somewhere inside her, a flicker of excitement sparked. Lily hoped Fleur and Charles were all right. She’d lost them too in the mad scramble and chaos that followed the raid. Meanwhile, even in this squalor and humiliation, the breeze between her legs was not entirely unpleasant. Fleur reached across a pile of beaded dresses and took Lily’s hand in her smaller, more delicate one. Her nails were painted red, her touch positively electric. Female energy was so different from male energy, Lily mused. Softer, slower, but just as tantalizing. Under her chemise, her nipples hardened.

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