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Not one ounce of pretense, they thought, a tickle of excitement bubbling in their stomach. She was kind, funny, and awkward in a way that woke up Rylan’s Service-Dom tendencies. They wanted to build a supportive foundation with her that gave her the space to claim her power and express herself without shame. Nothing she tried held her interest for more than a few minutes. The words she chose for her newest poem made her nerves jangle with frustration. Kissing aside, it was obvious from the opening credits that the film would end in tragedy. And the dating apps her friends had goaded her into downloading only reminded her of her ex, Sarah. I felt the generous wetness growing between my folds again and worried for a moment what it might do to his black pants, but I figured: he’s a grown-up—he can make that call for himself. I pushed back again, rubbing myself with more intent into his ever-straining erection. But when the main ceiling light stopped working, I had to recognize that my handy-woman skills did not include electrical. I’d have to call the landlord, who would call Isaac, who would come fix it. I’d done that a week ago and had no idea when Isaac might get through his other to-dos and get to mine.

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