MiTaoAV PME243

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MiTaoAV PME243. The firm had changed here and there. Dan had moved on to start his own firm in Brooklyn. Nate was brought up from downstairs to work with Stan. For the last few years, Maggie had accompanied Michael to the job fair at NYU where she helped him interview new candidates. Last year, they’d hired Amy Tranh. She was a bright and eager young lawyer who was just now beginning to accompany them to court on occasion. Now the District Attorney apparently felt there was enough evidence to proceed with charges against the star known as The King. LeRoi’s handlers met Michael and Maggie outside the courtroom. Michael, seated at his desk and concentrating on his computer, jumped. “What the fuck, Michael?!” Maggie demanded. That weekend, Michael had his private investigator, Sam Mainor, meet him at the office. Together they outlined the placement of security cameras with audio capability in the reception area including Karen’s desk, the library, and the conference table of Michael’s office.

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