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MiTaoAV PME256. Then there were photos of Michael. Some were from office functions, others more casual, including a few from Doc’s. Over the years Michael had made a tradition of stopping by the Orphans and Misfits Christmas at her place before jetting off to whatever fabulous tropical destination he’d chosen for that year. Maggie’s gaze fell on a handful of photos featuring the Christmas crowd wearing those silly paper crowns that come out of party poppers. Sleeping arrangements had been studiously organized. Obviously Des and Jacob were in the guest bedroom. Ben and Kevin shared the living room, one on the sofa and one on the floor. Maggie was given an air mattress on the floor of the home office, but she didn’t mind. She was grateful that she had a private space; anyone seeing her neck would undoubtedly require information she didn’t feel like giving. It was noon when Maggie exited the elevator on the 50th floor. She’d dressed in a purple turtleneck and charcoal slacks, a scarf with a purple paisley design accenting her neck. Karen wasn’t at her desk. Probably at lunch, Maggie thought, and she went directly to her office. Maggie put down her folio on the coffee table in front of the couch, then clutched her hands together. “I was putting away books and I overheard some people talking.” She related the whole conversation, word for word.

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