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Undressing was like breaking gravity’s hold on her. She became lighter in mind and body as her clothing fell away. The carpet was soft beneath her feet, and she scrunched her toes. She wanted to hoard every moment of this night in her memory. Maddie had expected Rylan to be in the living room when she returned, but it was empty. She groaned when she took each nub between a thumb and forefinger. It was easy to imagine the heat of Rylan’s plush mouth and the quick sting of their bites. Though her cool exterior would have never betray her, Eleanor’s heart raced in her chest. Had she failed before even starting? Was she here to be cast out or worse? Her Majesty was not known to be the jealous type, though one could never tell. The tour guide chose this moment to usher the group aboard the train. Amy followed the others across the platform, grasped the railing and climbed the two steps to board the Reunification Express. At 15.30 on the dot, the train lurched forward with a jerk as it started its slow progress north to Hanoi.

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